Friday, 20 May 2011

It has been a while since I've up-dated this as I've been back at work this week.

Sian is doing nearly everything for herself now. She is walking a little bit further each day and has less time between rests. She can get her arms up to brush her own hair. We have been able to loose the equipment she used to pull herself up off the toilet as she can get up from sitting by herself.

She is still not able to bend down however and Jan's long picking-up claw is very helpful making up for this - although she needs reminding that it is not a toy for pinching peoples' backsides!
Sian still has a few dizzy spells and has started on iron tablets as her iron count was still low. The infection is all cleared up and the wound is entirely healed.

I will try to get some video of my new, straight girl walking with no pain this week and post it.

Also - I love your followers picture Chris!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Tuesday May 10

The last 2 days have been big. We started with the teacher yesterday. She is going to help Sian with maths and English three mornings a week. Poor Sian was a bit dazed by all the questions and having to think again - we are both a bit out of practice with school work!

Darryl left for his trip to the US yesterday afternoon. He arrived in Reno this afternoon to a fresh dumping of snow- the girls and I are not jealous at all.

Today the district health nurse finally arrived and removed all Sian's dressings at last. This meant Sian could have her first real shower in a fortnight (thank goodness - wheeeeww!). This certainly helped her disposition, she really enjoyed washing her hair and claimed it was the best shower she had ever had. Unfortunately she has some infection in parts of the wound so is back on antibiotics. However even though the cut goes from the base of her neck to just above her tail bone it is very fine and should fade quite nicely.

Saturday, 7 May 2011


Happy mothers day to all my friends who are mothers. My best present today was being with Sian walking down the street in the fresh air and sunshine - the first time in 12 days for her!
(The voucher for a massage wasn't too shabby either!)

Thursday, 5 May 2011



Sian couldn't stop grinning when the surgeon said she could go home yesterday, can't say I was upset either! The ward was filling with more and more toddlers who mistook the place for toddler idol - the winner being the one with the loudest scream!

It is a bit different not having everything on tap, but our own beds are definitely more comfortable, to say nothing of the better food (for Sian) and other 'nursing staff' at home! I must qualify that by saying I had beautiful evening meals supplied by Tracy and Darryl.

Sian is not allowed to go in the car for about 3 weeks, this doesn't surprise me after seeing her distress on the drive home, even though it was the slowest I've ever known Darryl to drive!
I was hoping to give her the first outside walk today but the weather had other plans. We also had to spend 2 hours untangling her hair this morning which has absolutely exhausted her anyway. It's probably just as well she was tired - too tired to care as I kept cutting pieces off!!!%#! Two more reasons why I'm a teacher -cos I'd make a dreadful nurse or hairdresser!

It all starts on Monday with visits from the District nurse and the hospital teacher. Sian has to go back to the sugeon in 6 weeks and will hopefully go back to school after that.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


It's been a week since the operation, and what a difference a week makes!
Sian is up and walking around the ward a couple of times a day. We has more x-rays today which meant getting out in a wheelchair - the change of scenery was very welcome.

One hiccup today is that Sian has developed an allergy to the dressings.

However we may be home at the end of the week if every thing carries on like this.

It has been great seeing everyone up here and Sian has been very spoilt, but she'll come down to earth soon as the hospital teacher starts working with her on Monday.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

MONDAY May 2 (Poppa's birthday - have a good one Dad!)

It must be the start of the new term as we had a visit from the hospital teacher today (Lee the old principal of Heretaunga Int!!) Unfortunately it reminded me of work...

Forget the small steps - today has been giant leaps! We had a dreadful night with reactions to pain medication. Unfortunately the drugs used to help stop these reactions had awful side effects of their own and a vicious cycle began...
But despite this the day has dawned really positively with all tubes for medication and fluid removed, only oxygen still remaining and the noisy pumps on Sian's legs.
She is finding it alot easier to get up and moving needing only 2 helpers now, not 3.
I swear she has gained inches in height and fear I will officially be the shortest in the family now!
I would love to attach some photos to show how tall and straight she is now but Sian isn't ready for the world to see the lovely hospital fashion statements, along with the bird nest hair- so it looks like you'll have to wait for the make-over to be complete first.

Saturday, 30 April 2011


I had to think what day it is - they all seem the same at the moment.

However Sian improves with little steps each day.
Today she read a magazine for 5 minutes (which meant that was 5 minutes she wasn't sleeping) and she stood up twice. The second time she even walked to the shower!
She is definitely less dozy too.
The evidence?
When her nurse commented that her husband said she snored louder than the lawn mower outside, Sian quickly replied "Of course, cos lawn mowers don't snore!"