Friday, 20 May 2011

It has been a while since I've up-dated this as I've been back at work this week.

Sian is doing nearly everything for herself now. She is walking a little bit further each day and has less time between rests. She can get her arms up to brush her own hair. We have been able to loose the equipment she used to pull herself up off the toilet as she can get up from sitting by herself.

She is still not able to bend down however and Jan's long picking-up claw is very helpful making up for this - although she needs reminding that it is not a toy for pinching peoples' backsides!
Sian still has a few dizzy spells and has started on iron tablets as her iron count was still low. The infection is all cleared up and the wound is entirely healed.

I will try to get some video of my new, straight girl walking with no pain this week and post it.

Also - I love your followers picture Chris!

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